GitHub links for Jira


A. Navigate to the Jira Settings → System → Github Links Configuration page

B. Click on the "Connect" button and authenticate yourself and authorize the App to see your private organization.

Use with private repositories

To use the private repositories you need to follow the steps in the Configuration section above.

Use cases

All use cases use public links so that you can reproduce them straight away.

Pull request information

Readme embedding

Issue information

The list of the latest pull requests

The list of the latest issues

User and organization information

Milestone information

Release information

The latest release information

The list of the latest releases

Known issues

  • GitHub Enterprise is not supported at the moment.
  • Github links for Jira can be used with private and public repositories and organizations.
  • We cannot get more fine-grained permissions at this stage, due to restrictions from GitHub API.

Security and compliance

Get help

You can create a Jira Service Desk support request with all information you could gather, please include the screenshot of the configuration, links and time stamps.